September 10th, 2016 Newsletter


34 new students, 34 new opportunities to disrupt the entrepreneurial environment in St. Joseph County!

St. Joe CEO is in full swing as the school year takes off! In three short weeks, we have heard from six guest speakers, visited four different business locations and toured one facility.

This year started with a team building retreat (see more below) and classmates discovering more about one another through personality tests and the beginning of their first group projects, Launch | CEO.

CEO Business Visits

Come Together... Right Now!

By: Madeleine McTigue, St. Joe CEO Student Class of 2017

Just last month, this year’s upcoming student entrepreneurs had the opportunity to attend an interactive team-building retreat. Thanks to the generous funding of St. Joe CEO Class of 2016, the future business leaders spent a Sunday getting to know one another at the beautiful Quaker Haven Camp located in Syracuse, Indiana.

Over the course of the day, students interacted in various activities to break the ice and to learn valuable lessons on how to exchange ideas as a successful team with ULead, Inc. For instance, students worked in groups of four to scale a climbing wall; three people levied the ropes for support while one climbed the vertical obstacles.

Through communication, team members achieved individually and cohesively, creating strong bonds and promising friendships in light of future business projects. Student Marielle Corbett says about her experience, “I loved the team bonding on the rope walk. I think it was a great way to build trust and get to know each other. We really had to put faith in our group to get to our goal.”

Already, the lasting value of team leadership has translated perfectly into the immersive CEO classroom and will continue to influence students as they advance on their CEO journey. Good luck to this year’s class on all of their future business endeavors!

South Bend Cubs

Joe Hart
Joe Hart, General Manager of the South Bend Cubs, invited the students inside the Four Winds Field to learn about what goes on behind the scenes!

Inspirational Speaker, Trainer & Business Coach

Justin Maust

Justin Maust, certified speaker, trainer and coach , taught students more about how to be successful leaders and teammates with his talk about the "7 Practices That Determine Team Success."

South Bend Code School

Alex Sedinaj
Alex Sedinaj, Co-Founder of South Bend Code School,  talks to the students about creating an awesome opportunity for students to learn how to code!

Daman Products

CEO Larry Davis
Students visited Daman Products and learned about the impact company culture could have on success with CEO, Larry Davis. 

Venture Interns ESTEEM at Notre Dame

Dustin Mix & Maria Gibbs

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Clarify the Win: St. Joe CEO Journal Entry Week 1

By: Olivia Wilson, St. Joe CEO Student Class of 2017

This week was very eye opening for me. I am definitely guilty of only doing what needs to be done to get an A, and I am already realizing that will not cut it in the CEO program. I can tell that the experience I will gain from this class will always be relevant, unlike other classes where I just can’t help but think “when will I ever need to use this in my life.” I find myself wanting to do the work, and not seeing it as an annoying task that I just have to do if I want to pass. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

This week Justin Maust came to talk to us about the “7 Practices That Determine Team Success.” This is what really stuck with me, and more specifically, the first two steps-”Clarifying and Executing the Win.” I have always had a problem with setting a vague goal and sticking with it a few days and then giving it up (the only time I’ve ever stuck with anything is lent three years ago when I gave up twitter.) Mr. Maust helped me to see that it really is so simple to implement this into my life.

Olivia Wilson

Olivia Wilson
Friday, September 9, 2016Learn More About Olivia

Alumni Spotlight Entries for this week

Cole Kuiper

St. Joe CEO alumnus, and SimpleSpot Founder, Cole Kuiper, spent his summer interning at Firevine, a local full service marketing agency based in Edwardsburg, Michigan. After excelling in the St. Joe CEO program during the 2015-2016 school year, Cole became the CEO living mission - increasing economic development through entrepreneurship and eliminating brain drain. Cole shifted his academic plans from studying at an out-of-town school to staying local and enrolling at IUSB. To learn more about Cole and his entrepreneurial spirit, email him at 

Cole Kuiper
- Class of 2016

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