October 3rd, 2016 Newsletter

Launch | CEO work is in the home stretch of wrapping up, with the St. Joe CEO Connect event being held this Sunday, October 9th at the Eck Visitor Center and the final 5th Quarter event being held on Saturday, October 29th following the Notre Dame football game. Students have had the opportunity to learn and apply idea thinking while executing their group micro-businesses and giving back to the community.

Renaissance District

Willow Wetherall

Data Realty

Rich Carlton

B Present Studio

Tammy and Bryan Weisweaver

Bradley Co.

Rudy Yakym III and Scott Ford


Brian Sittley

BioCrossroads & Centrl Indiana Corporate Partnership

David Johnson

President Emeritus, Lund Group of Assoociated

R. Christopher Lund

Schultz Investment Company

Bob Schultz

Michiana Partnership

Regina Emberton

Student Journal Highlights for this week

St. Joe CEO Journal Week #5

Prior to visiting B Present Studios, it had never occurred to me why the owners might have chosen such a name for their workout business. The name seemed rather disconnected to the business itself when I first thought about it. After hearing the owners speak about their story, I realized that the name B Present was actually a reflection of their why statement.

Their message about the importance of being truly present in everything that you do really resonated with me. It is rare for me, especially with technology, to be fully engaged with those around me. It is so easy for me to simply stare off into my phone, computer, or even television screen without even noticing that I am blatantly ignoring those who are in the room with me. I also think that it is hard for me to put away all distractions and simply be with someone or just be somewhere. I found it very inspiring how they wanted people to separate themselves from any worries and simply be focused on the task at hand.

It is true that on the surface this may seem like an easy thing to do, but I know that personally I often get so overwhelmed with all of the tasks I have to accomplish that I lose sight of what I am actually supposed to be doing at a given moment. Consequently, I cannot put forth full effort into the task at hand when I am constantly focusing on something else. This is similar to what Bryan Weisweaver said when he told us that none of us gave one hundred percent on our first jump. It is not possible for me to devote the full one hundred percent of my effort toward one task if I do not put aside all other worries.

I want to improve on being fully present in all aspects of my life because I think that it will allow me to get the most out of my experiences. A lot of this has to do with changing my mindset to say that I am going to focus on the people I am with and the places I am experiencing without staring at some sort of electronic screen. This starts with my social life. I plan to keep track of all of the times I look at my phone instead of focusing on the people surrounding me. That way, at the end of each week I will be able to see the number of tallies in my notebook and be able to notice if I have made progress.

Being able to communicate with people without staring at a screen is something that Bob Schultz also emphasized, and the only way I am going to get better at this is by putting it into practice, which I cannot do if I am not fully engaged with those around me. In terms of school, I am going to put my phone downstairs in my locker when I am doing my homework so as to not be distracted by it. Additionally, while I am at school I plan to make sure that my laptop is closed any time it is being used for something other than the task at hand. This will allow me to not only be better focused but also be more efficient.

Meghan Raster

Meghan Raster
Friday, September 9, 2016Learn More About Meghan

Alumni Spotlight Entries for this week

Zach Biggs

Alumnus Advice

Dear Class of 2017 CEO Student,

You have made the best decision you possibly could at this age regarding your future. I’m sure you’re feeling a bit out of your comfort zone already, probably not used to the early mornings, or the new students in your class but trust me the payout for this discomfort will be more than worth it. Actually you aren’t aware of this yet but you’re learning one of the most important CEO lessons right away, “Be comfortable being uncomfortable.” New things are intimidating and change can be difficult but when you’re out of your comfort zone that is when you learn the most. It will make more sense as you continue the year. I’m going to give you a few tips about CEO, as I have already gone through the program, made mistakes and accomplished huge tasks. I want you to make the most out of your incredible but short time in this incredible program.

Number One: Make an impression. The people who you will be introduced to through this program are some of the most helpful individuals you will ever meet, you want them in your network, you need them in your network. So go that extra mile, spend an extra 10 minutes the night before a business visit or speaker researching what they do, what their business is about, or where they came from. And that following morning go beyond just shaking their hand, have a real conversation, they will be impressed and then you have made a real connection rather than just passing germs from one hand to the next.

Number Two: Take Every Opportunity Possible. Whether it’s speaking at an event, going to a small business expo, or even going into class 20 minutes early to meet with your instructor. I guarantee you that you will learn something from any of those options.

Number Three: Stay Organized. This one might be the toughest of the three, but it is very important. High School students have so much going on, classes, sports, clubs, family, and now on top of that you have this CEO work, it’s a lot I get it but if you stay organized the balance is easy and you will be grateful in the end. Also in class take good notes on what the speaker is saying and keep those notes organized. I can’t even count on my hands the number of times I had a problem with my business or the class business that I knew someone had talked about and when I looked back through my messy notebook I couldn’t find.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with few little things that really matter. Never be late! Always follow up with guests, whether it’s a handwritten note (preferred) or an email thanking them for their time. Have fun, like I said the best decision you can make in high school is to be a part of CEO. I have learned so much from the program and know it has prepared me for the big things in my future.

Zach Biggs
- Class of 2016

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